Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some of my sentinels. Really liked the way the camo worked on them. I was initially worried that they would not work like my tanks, and that I should have done them like the infantry. In the first Image they are kind of chilling in the rear behind the platoon command. (Sigh see the unpainted mini on the right)

Here are the "gun line guard" equiped with packs and heavy weapons they will be the true hammer of the emperor.

Here are some of my close combat type guard. While not looking for a fight in hand to hand, they will be the ones in the front line. The other squads will have heavy weapons wearing packs - you'll see what I mean later.

Here are some of the heavy weapons teams I have been working on of late. Inspired by other ranges of guard I decided to make my men "take a good prone firing position, and switch your selector lever from safe to semi, and watch YOUR LANE."

Here are some of my "death guard" troopers that I will be using as a veterian squad. Right now I like to use them with a chimera, 2 x flamers, heavy flamer and shotguns.